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Are you a photographer or filmmaker? Are you active online? Do you have a loyal following on Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube?
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With our special program, you have a real impact on the development of the IRIX brand, but these are not the only benefits waiting for you!

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  • Discount  on IRIX products
  • Access to Preorder products
  • A permanent discount for your community and an affiliate program
  • Invitations to trade shows
  • Opportunity to participate in IRIX expeditions
  • Opportunity to reach out to the international community
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Industry meetings with our partners
  • Access to advertising materials
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Our ambassadors are the heart and soul of the Irix Team and help make us a unique part of the lives of photographers and filmmakers around the world. Since 2016, through collaboration with Our Ambassadors, we have been improving Our Lenses so that Our Mission becomes a reality. We are creating a brand for professionals created by professionals. Each Ambassador has a real impact on Our brand and can count on every suggestion to be considered for new IRIX products.

As an Ambassador at IRIX, you will be part of a unique team that refreshes others, inspires moments of optimism and positively changes the world of photography and film. You will participate in exceptional projects on a global scale.




Cooperation with Us is not only testing Our novelties or active participation in Our events, it is also an affiliate program through which you can earn money.

Thanks to the unique discount code that will be assigned to you, your community will get a discount from Us on Our official store and you will get a commission on each sale using the code.




David Sanchez Calafell

David Sanchez. Freelance Filmmaker and
audiovisual consultant based in Barcelona, Spain.
I have more than 20 years of experience in many different types of audiovisual productions such as: news, war conflicts, commercials, documentaries, feature and short films, TV shows, etc. Some of my strengths are the perfectionism, neatness, and always open minded to listen, adapt and learn. I’m creative, hardworker and fearless to face new challenges. I’ve worked professionally in a wide variety of spanish national television channels and for many world-recognized agencies and companies.


Pierre Escoubas

Pierre is a scientist, biologist, passionate macrophotographer and adventurer. When he is not lying on the ground taking insect and spider images at home on the French Riviera he travels the world, often documenting scientific expeditions with photo and video. He has traveled, lived and worked in many corners of the planet, is really best at home in the rainforest and believes the world is his garden

An early passion for photography has accompanied him through his biology studies and macrophotography has become an indispensable tool to document and illustrate his research work on natural products and animal venoms. His images have been used in seminars, symposia, research reports, scientific papers and University courses.


Antonin Pergod

From a young age, the desire to express myself through an artistic univers has always been deeply rooted in me. As a child, i started making short films with a modest camcorder from my parents and little by little a real passion for audiovisual art developed.

I had the chance to work on project all over the world, especially in Nex Caledonia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, New Zealand, Nepal, Cameroon, Iceland but also all over Europe. I’m deeply inspired by travel, poetry, music, philosophy and nature, these elements inspire me every day to forge a a strong indentity through my projects. Humain relations and contact with nature are for me intimately linked and guide my vision and my way of filming.


Robert Pilari

I'm a full-time traveler who likes to take photographs of landscapes and architecture.
I love the challenge of reproducing the atmosphere and highlighting small details by choosing unique compositions. With a penchant for the mystical, I try to invite the viewer for a short daydream while seeing my pictures.


Dimitri Bourriau - Jahz Design

French artist, Dimitri Bourriau “Jahz Design”, is a graduated graphic designer. He has always been interested in history and architectural remains. It was in 2013 when he developed his interest in the photography of heritage in disuse. His first exploration was an ancient cemetery of military ships. Today he travels the globe looking for places in decline. It draws our attention to our civilization in constant mutation to ephemeral memory. His latest discoveries have taken him in the footsteps of the Soviet Buran spacecraft program in Baikonur (Kazakhstan).


Krzysztof Turzyński

Krzysztof Turzynski, positively twisted for 11 years interior and architectural photographer, promoter of good photography and education of interior direction. For 6 years leading workshops on interior photography, loves people, travel and photography of course. He believes that he doesn't sell photos, but the smiles on your face after seeing them.


Stefano Perrone

I hellò my name is stefano perrone i'm astronomer specialized in astrophotography have spent most of my life photographing and filming the most remote and beautiful corners of our planet, for years now I have only used irix lenses for landscape, macro and above all astrophotography due to their high performance, sharpness and brightness, ideal for people like me works in hard to reach locations.


Pierpaolo Salvatore

Pierpaolo Salvatore is an Italian landscape and wildlife photographer. Always passionate about nature and mountains, he loves to explore the wildest and least known places in search of exciting shot


Mateo Wastrak

Hi, my name is Matthew and I have been involved in film for more than five years. I live and work mainly in Germany, but I also do projects all over Europe!

I try to make sure that the films I create reflect my passion for filmmaking. I strive to create films that are full of emotion, engaging stories and deep messages.

I am not afraid to experiment and push the traditional boundaries of cinematography. My creativity knows no bounds, and I try to make each film I create unique.
On a daily basis I travel by campervan and try to live close to nature. A sense of freedom is a state of mind. This is how I am able to express the real me, without ego masks, imposed norms and social expectations. Vanlife and film have allowed me to know myself and accept who I am. It's liberating myself from control, both external and internal.

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